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Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting


Anthony Johnson Development Services exists to provide counseling, coaching, and consulting services that will help you achieve personal and professional growth.  We are highly qualified to offer services for individuals of all ages, couples and families, and businesses and organizations. 

At Anthony Johnson Development Services,our purpose is to assist individuals identify and understand issues, cope effectively, and find solutions to life problems that limit their success. Our programs lead to enhanced communication, relationship development, healthy attitudes, positive personalities, personal responsibility, career development, organizational development, a positive family/home environment, and a successful life.


How do we impact people in their lives?


If all we had to do was read a book or listen to a tape or attend a class, on how to be better in any area we all would be perfect by now.  What is the missing ingredient?   Anthony Johnson Development Services is committed to an individual's growth and development so that one can embrace his or her potential and achieve continued life success.  


If all of us think back over our life, it is a guarantee that some of the most impactful times in our lives were when a mentor was instrumental in our decision-making. Coaches facilitate valuable lessons, which imprint a lasting impression on ones actions in life both personally and professionally.


In addition, a counselor is someone who has accomplished something in a focused area and is able to pass along practical skills to help one navigate through and endure the challenges of life and transition effectively and achieve his or her goals. 


A consultant is someone who is willing and able to guide, inspire, coach, push, acknowledge, and share with.  This is the heart of Anthony Johnson Development Services as we provide a rewarding and safe opportunity for one to regain control of ones life, recover from past adversity, and move forward.



Relationship Central


Did you know?


Poor social relationships are as damaging to physical health as cigarette smoking. The mortality rates of individuals with poor social relationships are higher than those who smoke cigarettes for many years.

For adults, stable and healthy relationships are the best protectors against illness and premature death. For children, living in positive environments comprised of healthy relationships is the best source of emotional stability and good physical health.

Unfortunately, passionate and lasting partnerships don't happen by accident. Look around. You won't have to look very far. More than half of all marriages fail, but even that horrifying statistic doesn't begin to tell the story of what is really happening in homes and communities across America, where many individuals are living their lives and living in relationships that are all but void of the love, happiness, and dreams upon which they were once built.



Can Anthony Johnson Development Services Help Me?







                                                                         Ask Yourself...


  • Do you want to revitalize your life and dreams?
  • Do you want to make responsibility and accountability a top priority?
  • Do you have healthy relationships which challenge you to grow?
  • Are you able to openly share your thoughts and feelings in a positive manner?
  • Is your career, organization, and life moving forward?
  • Are you confused about life and your purpose?
  • Are you worried about the effects of your life on your children?


People spend weeks and months planning, dreaming and investing in homes, careers, and children. How much time do you spend planning and taking action to address personal growth and development so that you can get all you desire out of life? If you are not satisfied with your answers to these questions and desire a plan for continued life fulfillment, Anthony Johnson Development Services can help.














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