Anthony Johnson Development Services

Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting




Anthony Johnson Development Services strives to assist individuals, couples and families, and businesses and organizations find solutions, establish progressive goals, and attain healing and hope through an eclectic paradigm of psychology and spirituality. 


Anthony Johnson Development Services will help individuals, couples, families, and organizations experience wholeness and achieve success. Working with diverse experiences and across cultural lines, we place emphasis on relational development in order to help individuals achieve mental and emotional stability, personal health and wellness, interpersonal competence, professional influence and career progression, and spiritual maturity.  



  • To assist and support individuals in uncovering their passion for growth.
  • To work in partnership with clients, family members, organizations and community agencies.
  • To provide comprehensive resolution based services for life growth.
  • To provide practical skills which focus on individual and family growth.
  • To utilize client and family member input to guide the creative development of programs and services.




              Time-limited           -- based on application of outlined perspectives 

             Intensive                 -- weekly to bi-monthly sessions

             Solution-focused    -- specific goals and task assignments

             Strengths-based     -- focusing on strengths instead of deficits

             Community-based   -- developing community support networks






Dr. Anthony L. Johnson, Director and Program Facilitator 








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