AJDS enhances organizational development through the elements of Vision, Improvement and Performance. Dr. Johnson integrates behavioral science, theory and practice concepts to help expand the knowledge and effectiveness of people to accomplish more successful personal and organizational change and performance.

Services Offered

Team Building and Peer Interactions 

Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving


Leadership/Management Skills Training 

Strategic Planning and Decision-Making Approaches 

Stress Management  


Time Management and Change Management 

Resource Guide


Strategic Planning & Membership Assimilation in Faith-Based Organizations

Dr. Johnson conducted a 5 year peer reviewed research study on organizational strategy, human relations, and program development. Dr. Johnson developed and published the manual from the study which is used as a resource guide to conduct leadership and organizational development workshops and trainings. The purpose of this manual is to explore concepts for facilitating strategic planning and membership assimilation in faith-based organizations to include an analysis of mission, culture, leadership and values. 

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